How To Make Working At Home, Work For You

Let's admit it, even if you have enjoyed being forced to work from the comfort of your own home, it's been hard. No more hugging loved ones - or even getting to visit them for that matter - no more coffee dates with friends, no more socialising generally. Even for those whom struggle socially, being in lockdown is hard. Particularly to the parents who now have their children 24/7 - we salute you! With lockdown being kept in place for a while, still, we thought we would put together a little guide on how to make working from home, work for you.

Me-Time In The Morning

Before work, make sure to check in with yourself. Do some bed-yoga, have that lovely, hot shower, go for a regulation-conforming run, take pleasure in making that first cup of tea or coffee to set you up for the day. Whether it's situating yourself on the sofa or having a flick through lockdown thirst traps and doggo pics, ensure that you have time for you before getting on with the day ahead.

To Do: To Do Lists

Here at STHQ we all start our day with writing out a to-do list. It not only gives us focus for the day but we can use it as a tool for motivation. The satisfaction of ticking off the last thing on a to-do list is surprising. It's important not to feel bad for not completing the list though! Besides, you can always add today's unticked tasks to tomorrow's list. You didn't hear that from us though.

Find What Works for You

Use this time to really learn about how you best work and function. Can you sit and power through for the whole working day? Are you more of a do an hour, have five minutes downtime, repeat? There is great opportunity to be utilised with lockdown in that we can really figure out the type of worker you are and how you best perform.

Quarantine Fashions

Pyjama princess or still turning looks? Either way, make sure that when you're getting dressed - or not - it's important to wear what will make you comfortable but will allow you to stay motivated. Whether that's a full suit, the top half of a suit (nobody on Zoom can see, your secret is safe with us), comfy loungewear, a show stopping look or even your pyjamas, make sure that you feel great and set-up for the day.


Working where you live, eat and sleep can make it difficult to switch off from work at the end of the day. Make sure that you are setting yourself a strict time in which your work is finished, anything to do with it is done, then close the laptop lid and make sure that you have time for yourself. Avoid burnout at all costs!

What tips have been working for you? Are there any that you think we've missed? Let us know, we're always happy to learn about wellbeing!