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Here at studio three, we have an array of skills experience that we would love to utilise to help you produce rich, original content and solidify your brand's visual identity.

social media management

content creation

content strategy

influencer marketing

Ahh, social media. One of the most powerful ways to build a brand in today’s world. It is also tedious and time consuming. Let us give you a helping hand - or completely run it if you'd prefer - with your social media channels, this way you free up more time to do you, or for your business... We won't tell.

Whether it's product photography, copywriting or even a press release, get in touch and we'll alleviate it from your workload.

We know you're already busy with your business, so we'll take the load off of your shoulders and create a plan of action for you content. We'll then meet with you to go over said plan, approve it and then begin your business' expansion! What's not to love?

In today's world of marketing, working with influencers is a really great way to raise brand awareness. We can identify appropriate influencers for your brand and ensure your product reaches your target audience.

marketing collateral

public relations

If you're looking for materials to market your business, such as press releases, flyers, compliment slips or postcards, we can produce these for you, allowing you to do your thing. With no extra hassle.

Ah press and PR. It’s a currency of its own. Here at Studio Three, we can help you raise brand awareness, gain you coverage in targeted media platforms and enable you to reach new audiences and also the ones you’re targeting. Like Edina Monsoon once said, we “PR things” and “PR people”.